Terms of use

1. Introduction

Legaly.ch is a service provided by Advokatguiden AS (the "Company"), Hoffsveien 4, 0275 Oslo, Norway. Below are described terms and conditions ("Terms") that apply to the functions and services ("Service") offered to user(s) ("User") on these websites. Users are meant here both ordinary visitors and registered lawyers on the platform. By using Legaly.ch, or by ordering one or more of our paid products, you also agree to these terms. The Terms and Conditions of Use may be modified unilaterally by Legaly, without prior notice. An updated version of the terms will always be found at www.legaly.ch.

2. Use of the Service

All content on Legaly.ch is protected under the Copyright Act and other legislation. Copying, making available to the public and other exploitation beyond what follows from the law and other applicable legislation is not permitted and requires written consent from the Company. It is not permitted to copy the information on the website using manual or automatic processes. Violation of Legaly.ch's rights under the Copyright Act or these terms may result in penalties and liability for damages.

3. Guidelines for reviews

  • All reviews must be factual, truthful and traceable.
  • All reviews must be based on your own experiences with the lawyer, legal assistant or paralegal. You must not impersonate a person other than who you are. You can only write one review per lawyer.
  • Reviews must not be racist, pornographic or otherwise illegal or offensive.
  • Reviews must not contain defamation, libel or otherwise be suitable to misrepresent other people or businesses in an unfair manner.
  • Reviews must not contain secrets, confidential information, sensitive personal data or refer to parties other than yourself and the lawyer or paralegal.
  • An assessment must be factual and clearly state why you assign the relevant grade to the lawyer, paralegal or legal assistant. You must seek to substantiate the grade with concrete examples and illustrative incidents from the collaboration with the lawyer or legal assistant.
  • It is not permitted for lawyers and paralegals to report themselves or their colleagues. It is also not permitted to write reviews of a lawyer or paralegal with whom the User has a strong private or professional connection. Violation of this point may result in the lawyer or paralegal losing the opportunity to confirm or deny client relationships, in such a way that reviews are published in the future without his or her involvement. It may also result in the lawyer or legal assistant being banned and/or deleted from Legaly.ch.
  • You are solely responsible for the content of the reviews you submit. You are aware that false or misleading reviews may involve personal penalties and liability.

Legaly.ch reserves the exclusive right to delete reviews that the company believes violate these guidelines. By writing an assessment, you agree that Legaly.ch can make your assessment publicly available. At the same time, you grant Legaly.ch, and its customers and partners, an exclusive, free of charge and perpetual right to use the assessment in connection with Legaly.ch and other marketing. If you believe that an assessment of you as a lawyer, paralegal or legal assistant violates these guidelines, we ask you to contact us by e-mail at support@legaly.ch. The company takes such inquiries seriously and will process them according to the procedural rules mentioned under point 4.

4. Reservation possibilities

Legaly.ch aims to create more transparency and compliance in the legal profession. Lawyers serve an important social mission in Switzerland and it is in the community's interest that there is good, up-to-date and neutral information about the work of the various lawyers. All basic information in the Legaly has been collected through open sources. The publication of this data is in accordance with GDPR legislation and protected by the fundamental freedom of expression. Normally, Legaly does not unpublishes any information, including individual lawyer profiles or reviews, unless there are compelling reasons for this. If you think you can prove compelling reasons, we ask you to send us an e-mail to support@legaly.ch. In the e-mail, you must explain why you believe there are compelling reasons for unpublishing. Also feel free to attach documents that support your claim. The secretariat of Legaly will assess your inquiry within 10 working days. The secretariat's decisions are public and will be published on Legaly.ch in accordance with Legaly's transparency principle. Any refusal cannot be appealed, but can potentially be brought into Norwegian courts.

5. About Legaly's services

Legaly.ch is free to use for ordinary visitors. When you use our leads service or send a review, you become a member of the Legaly´s Community and we will notify you of interesting legal services and products. At Legaly.ch, lawyers, paralegals and registered legal assistants can choose to order various paid products, such as an upgraded profile, subscription to leads, etc. For an upgraded profile, a binding subscription period of 12 months normally applies. Payment is made in advance, with a 10-day ordinary payment deadline. After the end of the binding period, the subscription can be terminated with 3 months' mutual notice period. If the subscription has been granted with a discount, the discount will not be continued for the next period without a separate agreement. Ordinary prices will thus apply for the next contract period. For subscriptions to leads, an ongoing agreement with a 1-month mutual notice period applies. By leads are meant the sending of a potential client by e-mail. The number of leads is counted regardless of whether the client actually becomes a client of the lawyer following the submission. The lawyer will be invoiced on a monthly basis, based on the number of leads sent.

6. Venue

Oslo District Court is the venue.